The opportunity presents a suitable situation or condition for an organisation to undertake an activity. In organisational management, an opportunity is an appropriate environment that an organisation can operate to achieve its purposes.

Harrison and John defined organisational opportunities as ‘external environmental conditions that allow an organisation to take advantage of organisational strengths, overcome organisational weaknesses or neutralise environmental threats.

Risks management frequently use the word risk from negative perspectives; however, new standards include both opportunity and threats. For instance, the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) published by the Project Management Institute in December 2000, defines “Project risk is an uncertain event or condition, that if it occurs, has a positive or a negative effect on the project objective Project risk includes both threats to the projective objective and opportunities to improve those objectives. Thus, opportune environments produce positive outcomes for the organisation.

From the compliance perspectives, the opportunity is to replace the present access control structure with an automated biometric identification system to facilitate the identification of workers. This process not only experiences random and frequent failures, but it also fails to offer the guarantee that the person who presents the card to the card reader is the cardholder.

The influence of the caretaker’s work remains too essential, as it leaves room for negligence or even illegal access (and frequently affects international standards). It is not uncommon that it takes more than two hours to control access which delays the starting time of work and impacts operations. The current process is already obsolete, and a more automated process will allow less room for error.

After all, the future will go through more automated control and the present access control system must live up to its expectations. Unlike Opportunities, Threats refer to a situation that obstructs the activity of an organisation. This type of context is unfavourable and disadvantageous for this reason; it must be avoided. For organisational management, a ‘threat is an element that makes it difficult or impossible to reach the organisational goals’ since they prevent organisation competitiveness. Threats are environmental influences that obstruct an organisational ability to remain efficient and effective in achieving its objectives.