City College: Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Theory Paper

Even a professional, sometimes, find it hard to get the theory paper. It is difficult to keep track of the mistakes while writing an essay in a flow. However, there are several general mistakes associated with every paper you will write. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Spelling Mistakes: Whether you are a student or a businessman, every one of us makes spelling mistakes which are difficult to find. You can never complete a paper and not make some spelling mistakes. That is why it is always advised to proofread your paper.
  2. Subject-verb agreement: The most common mistake which most of the students fail to recognize. Most of the students don’t even have an idea it is a mistake even when they see it. Associating wrong verb form with the subject raises this error.
  3. Commas Issues: Whether the issue is related to an introductory phrase or not adding conjunction after the commas which ruins the sense of the sentence.
  4. Run-On Sentences: These are the most frustrating ones as these are not easy to recognize while writing a paper. Compiling two sentences which could be used solely and not putting a comma and conjunction in between is the most common mistake.
  5. Wordiness: In the new era of English, wordiness is never appreciated. A sentence is considered good if it is in the limits of the word count of 24 words. Wordiness creates confusion and makes it difficult for the reader to understand the context of the sentence.
  6. Confusion Between Adjectives and Adverbs: While writing a paper, in a flow, you may confuse the adjective with an adverb. It happens quite frequently, and students fail to realize this mistake. Always remember, an adjective is used with a noun or a pronoun, while an adverb is used with a verb, adjective, or an adverb.
  7. The Confusion of Pronouns: The confusion usually arises between I and Me. For instance,

Wrong: You and me should go for a vacation

Right: You and I should go for a vacation

There are several other mistakes which can be listed in this article; however, these are the most common mistakes which can be avoided to make your essay stand out.

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