City College: Growth of Anti-Muslim Hate Groups and Hate Crimes

Anti-Muslim rhetoric has played a vital role in the spawning of organized hate groups. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of anti-Muslim hate groups rose from just 5 in 2010 to 101 in 2016, a rise of 95%.

Any incident of “terrorism” featuring Muslim names invariably results in an increase in hate crimes against Muslims. These range from stares and verbal abuse to physical assault in streets, vandalism of mosques and Muslim businesses as well as plain discrimination in places like schools, colleges, and other institutions.

A CNN report mapped 63 cases of arson against mosques in the first half of 2017 – an average of 9 per month and 2 a week. In 2016, there were 127 reported victims of anti-Muslim violence in the USA compared to 91 the year before and 93 in 2001. These included 12 murders, with 3 students killed execution-style in their own apartment. Muslim students reported increased bullying in their schools, with the percentage who didn’t feel “safe, welcome and respected” almost doubling from 17% in 2014 to 31% in 2016, resulting in depression, anxiety, and poor school adjustment.

Increase in Anti-Mosque and Anti-Shariah Campaigns

Based on false claims that Muslims were trying to promote Shariah law in the US, no less than 201 bills banning Shariah were introduced in 43 states, 14 of which were passed as law. These anti-Shariah bills have no practical effect except to institutionalize Islamophobia and add to the atmosphere of fear and hostility towards Muslims. New mosques run into organized anti-mosque campaigns and demonstrations wherever they are proposed to be built, with the intention of intimidating local Muslims and influencing civic authorities to withdraw building permits for these mosques. 

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