Japan is known for a lot of things, such as its anime, manga, cuisine, history, conflicts etc. There are some things about Japan which we are unaware about. Such as fermented rice was used to preserve fish it was then transformed into the cuisine we all are well aware of, Sushi. Furthermore, Sumo began as a prayer fort a fruitful rice harvest, it later developed into Japan’s national sport. Read this article further to find out more secrets about Japan.

You will be surprised to know that the people in Japan are in love with horse meat which is served raw and sliced thinly, where it is dipped in soy sauce and eaten with ginger. This dish is called “Basashi”, and for those who love this dish there is a Basashi flavored ice cream. On the other hand, where slurping is seen as ill-mannered in most part of the world especially United States, in Japan slurping is seen as a complimentary to the chef.

Do you love sea food? Japan has the world’s largest seafood wholesale market, which is located in Tokyo known as the “Tsukiji Fish Market”. There are two parts of this market where the “inner” part is where the sea food are sold, and the “outer” market where wholesale and retail shops sell kitchen equipments, supplies, seafood and not to forget sushi. In fact, one of the most dangerous dishes which the Japanese have invented involves blowfish or fugu. In order to serve this dish a chef mush have minimum of 11 years of experience and they must taste it first themselves before serving it to the client. If a poisonous part of the fish is consumed by anyone it will cause them to experience dizziness, nausea, trouble breathing, headache and death by asphyxiation. The only way to save the victim is to feed him/her activated charcoal and put them on life support.

Even though slurping is a sign of complimentary to the chef, blowing your nose is frowned upon. How can we forget about the Anime produced by Japan? There are around 130 schools for anime voice acting in the country, not to forget the endless chain of international fans that are diehard fans of Anime. In Japan there are some house rules which you have to follow. For instance if the house floor is raised 6 inches that means you have to take off your footwear and wear the slippers provided, and if the house is covered with Tatami mat and raised only 1-2 inches that indicates that you have to take your slippers off.

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