You may have heard about the movie “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” these two movies are based on real life incidents which had two things in common evil and the paranormal investigators Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Warren. The Smurl haunting is based a real life story which includes Jack and Janet Smurl of West Pittston, Pennsylvania who claimed that a demon inhabited their home between 1974 and 1989. This story gained a lot of attention and was investigated by demonologists who believed in what the Smurl’s claimed. Their story became a movie in the 1986’s known as “The Haunted” and was made again with the same name by 20th Century Fox in the year 1991.

In 1974 Smurls lived in a double block house located at 328 Chase Street in West Pittson, Pennsylvania which had a demon inhabiting in it. The demon disturbed the family by making loud noises, bad smell, shook their mattress, pushed their daughter down the stairs,  physically and sexually harmed Jack Smurl not only that but it threw the Sumrl’s dog into a wall. In 1986, they bought the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren which we are so well aware of into their house. Ed Warren believed that the demon that lived in the Smurl’s house was extremely powerful. When the Warren tried to force it to leave the house with religious music and praying it shattered the mirrors and shook the furniture. Ed Warren claimed that he felt a dark mass over shadow the house, drop in the temperature and the demon once left a message to him to “get out”. After months of investigation, Warren alleged that he had proof of the demons existence in the house, he had audiotapes recording of the demon knocking and rapping.

On the other had Paul Kurtz who was a Buffalo philosophy professor at State University of New York and later a chair man of the Committee for the scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal claimed the Smurl’s claim as a false ghost story and stated that the Warrens were neither independent nor objective. He believed that the Smurls claim was merely delusion, hallucination or brain impairment, advising them to go under psychological treatments. Evidence was found for this suggestion, in 1983 according to The Wilkes-Barre Times leader claim that the Jack Smurl while in an interview stated that he went through a surgery to remove water from his brain because he was experiencing short term memory loss caused by meningitis in his youth.

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