The statement by one enthused Baptist in the movie that “I am enjoying the profits of a business deal I entered into the Lord” reflects the plot of the movie based on different types of businesses. To claim the land of India for development is the main business-related concern of Niaruna. Although with respect to preaching, Niaruna is preferred by others due to some diabolical motives, especially some apprehensions related to business. However, it always is difficult to get rid of such types of business as some of the major concerns reflected in this movie regarding Niaruna are false morality and being politically dangerous.

Other than this, the neighboring Indians are harassed by the Niaruna, whereas, the locals are under pressure to become civilized. They are mostly planned to be killed or thrown out of the border. Although significant changes are desired by every individual outside the Niaruna. Although on the other hand, missions contending for the honors of conversion of unprotected savages into Christians are already being carried out by fervent Baptists and Roman Catholics on the edge of the forest.

Whereas, on the other side, significant changes are being brought up by Moon himself especially with respect to Indians. He wants them to prevent adaptation of civilization and conversion to Christianity because as a God he has his own word. The concept of ‘playing God’ is apparent in synthetic biology. It is presumed that the role of God might be played by the scientists who will lead to ethical, religious, and philosophical concerns regarding the creative process and the nature of life.

Various ethical issues regarding synthetic biology have been raised such as the creation of artificial life, global justice and trade, creating and patenting the monopolies, bioterrorism and uncontrolled release.

The creation of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is one of the key objectives of synthetic biology. A utility is acquired by it in the production of bioremediation and energy. However, concerns regarding accidental releases within the environment might be the major concerns related to it. Alterations within the ecosystem might be brought by it as unexpected interactions can be produced, proliferated and evolved through such biological machines.

The second major concern can be the ability of synthetic biology of producing new or modified microorganisms. These microorganisms are designed to be antagonistic to humans. Poor control with respect to the commercial synthesis of DNA appears as one of the key issues in this regard. On the other side, several other concerns are present from the biological warfare programs of the state.