Egyptians are well-known for the numerous gods and goddesses they believe in. Especially the well structured mysterious pyramids which are made for their gods and goddesses.

Seth is the god of chaos, who has the head of a Seth and animal which is unidentified till date. Unlike Horus, Seth tends to be everything that dangers the harmony in Egypt. He is the brother of Osiris and Isis, as well as the brother/husband of Horus. He killed his brother Osiris and fought with his own nephew Horus to be ruler of the living but was unsuccessful. In ancient Egypt he was also associated with royalty.

Nepthys was the protective goddess of the dead, with a headdress showing her name in hieroglyphs. She was the sister if Isis and Osiris and the sister/wife of Seth, mother of Anubis. She is shown on coffins and in funerary scenes.

Isis was a protective goddess, with a headdress designed with a sun disk on which a pair of cow horns was attached to. She used magic spells to help people. Isis was the sister and wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. Most of her statues show her holding Horus on her lap. She was considered with the thrones because her lap was the first “throne” Horus sat upon. In Philae a temple was made to honor her.

Aten was a form of sun god like Ra, except it was a sun disk with rays which end in hands. During the era if Akhenaton he was made the king of the gods. On the other hand, Atum was a creator god, a man with the double crown. In the primitive era Egyptians believed that he was the first god to exist on earth. They also believed that he came out of the waters of Chaos (Nun) and created the other gods.

Nun was the water of chaos. He was a man carrying a bark, also the only thing which existed before there were lands on Earth, the first land rose out of Nun. Furthermore, another Egyptian goddess is Bastet who had the head of a cat; she was one of the protective goddess. She at times appeared with the head of a lioness to protect the king in battle. Many statues were made of cats to honor Bastet, she was one of the daughter of the sun god, Ra. A temple was built for Bastet at Bubastis in the Delta.

Bes is a dwarf with lion and human features, and wears the skin of a lion. He was the protector of pregnant women and newborn babies and the family. Egyptians also believed that he protected the people against snakes and scorpion bites.

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