1. Read and Make Notes

The first thing to do when writing a good compare and contrast City College essay is to read the texts, mark the important parts and make mental as well as rough written notes.

  • List down Similarities and Differences

The next step is to make a list of the main similarities and differences in the texts. You may use columns to jot down these points and it does matter how unimportant or otherwise these points may seem initially.

  • Choose the Most Important Ones

Once the list is made, go through it again and pick out the points that stand out for their importance. These will form the meat of your City College essay, so you should look for the ones that give you enough writing and comparing material.

  • Prepare an Outline of the Essay

The outline of your essay will help you decide its flow and placement of information. All City College essays must have an introduction that is brief and comes first. Then you have the body part, where you will do the actual comparing and contrasting. You may break this up into two or more paragraphs depending upon which method you choose from those mentioned above. Lastly, you need to write a conclusion that reiterates the key points in your essay as well as your point of view.

  • Fill in the Details

Now that the outline is ready, it is easy to fill in the information that you already have in the form of points. You already know what is going where, so all that you have to do is write it in a proper manner in the right place. Try to include real-life examples that lend support to your argument.

  • Proofread

This part is often overlooked by students due to which otherwise good essays lose points on silly mistakes such as a wrong spelling or grammatical error. Take some time to proofread and edit your essay before submitting it.

Writing a compare and contrast essay may appear difficult, but if you follow these steps, you will make things easy for yourself and end up with a good essay.