What is City College Annotated Bibliography?

City College Annotated Bibliography gives a brief understanding about the research topic you are working on. It is a list of citations on a particular topic you are assigned. Each of the citation which you have used is followed with a brief description and evaluative paragraph that is the annotation.  The list of citation is formatted in a particular writing style such as APA or MLA. Along with a brief explanation of the citations, a brief critique of the source may or may not be included.

More details about the City College Annotated Bibliography

The critique of the source will include discussion of the reliability and usefulness of the contents of the source which you have used for your research. All of the sources which you have used in the City College Annotated Bibliography are listed in an alphabetical manner. It is preferred if you arrange the list according to the first word in the list, most of a time it is basically the author’s last name.

Why do instructors assign City College Annotated Bibliography?

Firstly, an City College Annotated Bibliography makes the students review sources and make notes in order to evaluate which ones would be useful for the research topic and why. The second reason is to make sure that the students understand how to gain access and use information to point out peer-reviewed materials.  Thirdly, to make the student understand and learn to accurately format a works cited or reference page.

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